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Baked, Toasted, Ripped, Blazed, Blitzed, Blasted, Rooted, Zooted, Zonked, HIGH!

Let's call it "Getting Stoned"

However you say it, you have made a great decision, and you're going to get stoned! This is potentially one of the best things you can do for yourself in your whole life! Few things compare to the wonderful effects of being stoned. It will enhance and improve many aspects of your life. Being stoned really does put a new perspective on many things.

You might ask "Why do people get stoned?" They have to. Well… not exactly. Actually, they feel the need to change their consciousness in some way and using pot is something which does this.

People who smoke Marijuana experience altered states of consciousness. Science has proven that people can grow rapidly during altered states of consciousness.

There are other ways of changing your consciousness like meditation, hypnosis, endurance exercise, making love etc. Pot is one more way. It is an important option for some.

Here are some of the positive effects you will experience:

More and deeper relaxation

Enhanced creativity

An increase in social interaction

More happiness

More self improving thoughts

A calmer demeanor

A better quality of life

Better self acceptance

More spirituality

Better acceptance of others

More overall fun… BUT, in order to assure you receive these benefits, it is important that the first few times you get stoned you do it the right way…. because there is a right and wrong way to get stoned the first few times. Perhaps you're wondering with all these benefits how can there be a wrong way to get stoned.

By using too much pot your 'first few times'!

The feeling of being stoned is different than being drunk or feeling buzzed from prescription medication. Until you are used to the effects of pot; being stoned can cause disorientation which can lead to feelings of paranoia and confusion.

The best way to get comfortable with the effects of pot is to use it gradually the first few times. Using pot is not life threatening but until you are familiar with the effects it is possible to unintentionally do something which can result in a negative experience. After speaking to many people who have tried pot and did not like it, I found too much too soon was the most common reason why.

My sister gave me this account:

She had met a new guy and went to his home for the first date. He lived in an area she was not familiar with. His home was a bit of a distance from hers on a winding mountain road but she found it easy enough in the daylight. She had been enjoying her evening and when he brought out some pot and the bong after dinner, she decided to try smoking for the first time. They'd had a little wine with dinner and that probably loosened her up. She recounted to me that she had 'so many bongs she was completely zonked'. After the evening was over during the drive home it began to rain. In the dark it made her trip through unfamiliar winding mountain roads a little more challenging than usual. However, with the effects of the pot, she said the drive felt nerve racking to her and the next day her hands hurt from gripping the steering wheel so tightly. Although my sister had been driving for years and was an excellent driver, the pot caused her to have an apprehensive feeling about driving. Her discomfort was compounded further by the weather and an unfamiliarity of the area. She warned me against smoking and did not try again for many years.

Later in life when she tried smoking pot again she was with close friends who already smoked. She tried it with them at a backyard barbecue, had a great experience, and went on to continue getting stoned until her passing.

What if I do not like how I feel after smoking?

Occasionally Marijuana can bring on paranoia characterized by feelings of fear. These feelings can manifest themselves in seemingly potential real world threats like: "What if my mom, dad, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, boss or whomever finds out I got stoned?" or "What if I this stoned feeling never stops?"

If you have thoughts like this with a feeling of shame or fear stop smoking immediately!

Get some food or snacks and eat, but do not consume anything with caffeine like coffee, tea, soda or chocolate because caffeine will worsen the feeling. Eating will help stop the effects of the pot.

You can also try taking a good quality B vitamin supplement to help lessen the feeling! Be assured, if you stop smoking the feeling will stop (I guarantee it). It will end in a short while. Be assured that if you remain calm, after the feeling stops, whatever you were afraid of will be less of a big deal. The best thing to do is relax and wait.

Before trying again, take a few days (3 or more) and supplement your diet with good quality vitamins, like high quality food concentrate types. Look for the vitamin content and get something which offers a high percentage of B vitamins. If you are not doing so already, regulate your sleep. " Sleep in a dark area. " Set a sleeping schedule based on your life and stick to it. " Turn off noise from video or music. " Do not drink coffee or anything with caffeine in it for at least four hours before bed. The fastest cause of paranoid emotions is unregulated sleep, and it affects everyone. If you try again and have the same reaction after taking good care of yourself for a few days, then continue to care for yourself well and do not try again for at least a month.

Should I get drunk the first time I get stoned?


This question and more are answered in the first chapter!